Validator Nodes

What is a Node?

Decentralized blockchain networks are run and operated by a large number of users. These users contribute computing power that is used to process and validate the transactions in the network and ensure the security and integrity of all transactions and data stored on the blockchain.

The users execute a software, also known as the “blockchain client” on their computers or servers that power the network. Each such user in the network is said to operate a “node” – hence, a decentralized (blockchain) network consists of a number of nodes.


What is a Validator Node?

The Validator Node, as the name already says, validates transactions and creates new blocks appended to the eCredits Blockchain. Anybody can operate a validator node as long as they have been approved by the community. For the approval the “to-be-validators” must first become members of the SCE and apply as described on


Why should I run my own Validator Node?

eCredits is on a quest to establish itself as the cryptocurrency for daily use. By deciding to order and run your own eCredits Node, you contribute to scaling the eCredits Ecosystem. Moreover, you also help to further strengthen the security and decentralization of the eCredits Blockchain.

To be clear, the monetary aspects should not be the primary consideration for node operators! However, your efforts will be rewarded as you will receive ECS as a part of the transaction fees paid for transaction processing in the eCredits Network.


Is it complicated to run a Validator Node?

eCredits makes it easy to set up and run an eCredits Node, but technical understanding is required. There are two ways to get your own node:


1. “Do it yourself”

You have the possibility to create a node on your own. Assemble the hardware and install the software yourself. You can find all relevant information on


2. “Preconfigured Hardware Nodes”

Purchase one of our “preconfigured hardware nodes”. Just plug it in, go through the setup steps described in the eCredits docs Link and connect it to the eCredits Ecosystem! All nodes that are available in the store work as simple as that.

Note: You are solely responsible for your node, its setup and maintenance. We provide you the required documentation and offer scripts to make it as easy as possible, but we do not have access to your node and its therefore your responsibility to take care of the node, its security, keeping it up to date and to participate in the community.

There are two different nodes available in the online shop, which are already equipped with the Linux Ubuntu Operating System and the eCredits setup image file.


- eCredits Node Model Jupiter LE, the powerful limited edition

- eCredits Node Model Mars SE, performance in a small cube


Become a Nodler now and support your eCredits Ecosystem!



Scam Warning:

Beware of Scam Node Websites: This is the official eCredits Validator Node Resource. Online scams and frauds are on the rise. It is important that you protect your online credentials and ensure that you do not fall victim to online frauds.




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